Rug Care and Maintenance

On Tufted Rugs 

Tufted rugs are created without knots. Instead, loops of yarn are pulled through the rug’s backing material using a tufting gun. Tufted rugs shed more than other rugs and may require more-frequent vacuuming.

Tufted rugs are created through weaving loops of yarn through tufting cloth, creating a plush work of decor. 

Common Occurrences 


Fluffing is a natural occurrence in tufted pieces, and gradually disappears over time with hand brushing and vacuuming. 


Sprouting tufts are natural in tufted works. Cut protruding tufts with scissors instead of pulling them out to avoid damaging the tufted piece. 


Heavy furniture on your tufted rug can leave indents caused by crushed piles. 

Occasionally rearranging furniture and the rug helps to distribute stress on the rug. To get a more even exposure to sunlight and wear, we recommend that you rotate the rug regularly.


Preventive Maintenance

• Hand brush or vacuum regularly (twice a week recommended)
• Remove spills immediately, blotting with an undyed cloth
• Avoid using harsh chemicals to remove stains
• Avoid use in damp areas
• Do not soak in water
• Do not dry clean


Care and Cleaning your Tufted Rug  

Vacuuming your Tufted Piece

Vacuuming is one of the most effective and economical ways to keep your rug clean. Use a suction vacuum with the beater bar off. Brushes on a beater bar or rotary brush nozzles can twist or break tufted fibers, and turning it off helps to reduce wear and tear on your rug. 

If your vacuum has an adjustable suction option, set to a low level, and take time to run the vacuum over each area 3-5 times to clear dust, dirt and hair. 


For dry stains, carefully scrape and vacuum away dirt and stains. 

Remove wet stains by using a paper towel or undyed cloth to absorb the stain. Use lukewarm water and a cloth or sponge to dampen the stain, soak up the water with a cloth, and repeat until the stain fades. Avoid drenching the rug to preserve the glue binding holding the tufts in place.

On greasy or stubborn stains, use a ph-neutral and bleach free cleaner and follow the steps above. 

Clean Professionally

When in doubt, get your rug cleaned professionally. Do not dry-clean.